Surprisingly (to me) the laundry has been one of the most praised facilities (after the pool) in all the reviews. The laundry/drying room is in the barn and has 3 washing machines and a dryer. There is a double sink, buckets, bowl, laundry baskets and a drying rack. However, washing can be dried outside for most of the summer on the drying lines outside each gîte. A pegbag with a variety of pegs is supplied.

"Good laundry room and excellent drier" - (Wakeling family)

Welcome baskets

There is always a little something in the wine rack to welcome you and sometimes a pot of jam if my fruit trees have been producing well.

Sunday opening is better than it used to be and the nearest supermarket is now open until 12.30 pm. For those of you who have not had time to stop and shop on the way and do not want to have to rush out shopping on your first morning, I am happy to do you a first shop and have it ready in the gîte. Just let me have a list of what you need and I will charge you the cost plus € 5 for the service.

If you are coming to celebrate a special occasion then it might be nice to have the champagne and chocolates ready waiting for you!

Dogs and Bikes

The Kennel doubles as secure bike storage which is why the artist who did the trompe l’oeil mural drew dogs on a tandem!

There are six hangers for bikes so that they are stored tidily against the walls. The door locks and so your bikes are safe when you are not out using them.

If you go out for the whole day then your dog can be left in safety. One window is filled with a metal grill rather than glass so there is ample ventilation. There is a plastic bed and a wooden one. I can lend you blankets and cushions to make the beds cosy but owners usually bring their own. There are also water and food bowls. I supply poo bags and expect you to clean up any mess. Outside, through the dog door, is a small concrete yard and a secure run. You can fetch your dog through the door in the fencing or the main doors into the building.

If I am around and you leave me a lead I usually take the dogs out for a walk during the day.

From 2019 I will be charging a small fee for dogs: 10 euros per dog per week. This is whether or not you use the kennel.